Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"All Worked Up" Gets a Write-Up!

Rhombus Space, Brooklyn NY—Katerina Lanfranco presents ‘All Worked Up’, the space’s 4th exhibition of 2014. The group show brings together artists Eddie Chu, Seren Morey, Courtney Puckett, and Karla Wozniak for a fantastic exploration of their artistic process. The exhibition focuses on works made through continuous layering of materials, often paint but some works are mixed media, on to a surface. Each artist goes on to investigate their material of choice in a unique way and creates his/her own sort of ‘world’ within their own series of works. Chu’s works are a series of layered paintings that bring a child-like playfulness to the show with small stools placed in front that force the viewer to sit closer to the ground and look at the paintings at the eye level of a 5 year old. The patterns on the borders of these pieces make for active exploration of the artist’s work. Wozniak’s paintings seem to invert colors in a nice way as to create a colorful forest of imaginary trees. Morey’s intricate mixed media works combined with Puckett’s cloth creations almost remind us of a Tim Burton movie, especially as one moves closer to the works to observe the detailed beading and various layers of cloth and materials. ‘All Worked Up’ helps us forget we were even in Brooklyn for a moment and is definitely worth seeing.
For more on this exhibition go to: Rhombus Space Website



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