Saturday, January 30, 2016

"No Sleep Till Berlin": Exhibition Photos

Our exhibition No Sleep Till Berlin at Josty, Bergstraße 22, 10115 Berlin-Mitte opened June 13th, 2015 and featured drawings by MaDora Frey, Rachael Gorchov, Rhia Hurt, Katherine Keltner, Chris Lucius, Rika Laser, Qiana Mestrich, Justin Neely, Shawn Powell, Albert Weaver, Ward Yoshimoto and 3D work by Katerina Lanfranco.

Left: Selected Rhombus Space artists. Right: Yarn, wood, and paint sculptures by Katerina Lanfranco.

Left to right: Rachael Gorchov, Shawn Powell, Justin Neely, and Rhia Hurt.

On the left: Albert Weaver.

Shawn Powell

 Katherine Keltner and Chris Lucius.

 Shawn Powell.

Chris Lucius. 

Rika Laser. 

Yarn and stick works by Katerina Lanfranco.

Katerina Lanfranco.

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