Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rhombus Space Presents "Retrofit" by Carrie Rubinstein

Something's aglow at Rhombus Space!

We proudly present Retrofit, an intricately crafted, immersive installation by Brooklyn artist Carrie Rubinstein. Rubinstein's work embodies a space beyond the confines of ordinary reality. Transforming the gallery with pen and ink on paper, and constructed and handmade paper objects, Rubinstein creates an invented domestic environment. The viewer encounters a room where space is carefully assembled with layered paper, and expands through pictorial illusion. Translucent embossed ceiling tiles accented by a paper chandelier, filter the gallery’s light that enfolds visitors as they explore an improvised world. Honoring truth and fiction, Rubinstein embraces an intuitive methodology of making through a trial and error system. Retrofit invites us to contemplate presence and absence.

Retrofit opened September 25th, 2015. See our fb event page here.

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